Of course, we all know that I'm the biggest Disney attraction of all.

Click here to listen to my audition for Pirates of the Caribbean Okay, people, listen up!

I've had my beady little eyes peeled for Disney attraction scripts on the web for a long time now. And what a mess! I haven't seen stuff scattered around so much since I accidentally on purpose turned the leaf blower on Zazu while he was sorting those expensive old Disney documents. Hey, it wasn't my fault. I live in a tree. A leaf blower works better than a vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the attraction scripts. I've done you all a big favor by putting links to as many scripts as I could find right here on this page. I even typed up some of them myself. Ain't I a mensch? Now, some of the original script pages that I found don't exist anymore, but Google.com did us all a favor by capturing the info on those pages and archiving it. So some of these links will lead you to those cached pages. And in the case of the Bertino Disney Archives, the scripts are in a file format that can be read with Wordpad or Word.

If you know of any good attraction script pages that I don't have here, why don't you send me a tree-mail at tdciago@mail.com? Or drop by my penthouse nest in the Swiss Family Treehouse if you happen to be a gorgeous single babe with very bad eyesight and a lousy sense of smell. Now go read some scripts, and don't say I never gave you anything.